Time. From time to time. For the time-being.

Time-worn, time was, time will, time is.


Time comes

In stints, in stages, in stretches.

In spans, in seasons, in scores.

In moments, in months, in millennia.

In tempos, in tides, in tours.


Sit for a spell and move in a shake.

Take each day as it comes.

On borrowed time, over the course of time,

At a juncture in time as we mark the time.


In our prime or at our peak,

In a patch, in a period, in a pinch.

In the light of day, in the dead of night,

In the free fall blink of a cinch.


Pressed for time. Played for time.

In time, in the nick of time.

Ahead of time, behind the time.

Biding our time. It’s a matter of time.


Finding time, making time, giving time, taking time.

Wasting time, racing time, stalling time, stitching time.

Spending time, sharing time, stealing time, cheating time.

Timely, time-honored, time-essenced time marches on.


A day late, a dollar short; only time will tell.

Time’s a wastin’. Time’s a flyin’. Time’s a temptin’.

Better scurry, better hurry, in a flurry, in a dash.

Put the pedal to the metal, rustle, hustle, in a flash.


Daytime. Nighttime. Uptime. Downtime.

Doing time, serving time, saving time slaving time.

Small timing, kill timing, two-timing, tick timing.

Caught at a bad time. In overtime, doing hard time.


It’s now or never, the moment of truth.

No time to lose, our time’s our dime.

In the right place at the right time.

Hitting the big time, and it’s high time.


Too little time. Too much time.

From time immemorial, time and time again.

Against the clock, around the clock

From the crack through the crunch of time.


Till, at last, in the fullness of time, we’re out of time.

With the Divine who stands in time, outside of time.

In the time of timelessness. In the time beyond time.

With the Eternal Keeper, who is ever, always, keeping time.


D.F.G. Hailson

Accompanying image: Camille Gravis, Captive balloon with clock face and bell, floating above the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, 1889-1900. In the public domain. Available from the United States Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.


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