Wide-Open Windows into Evil

I believe there are moments in history when we’re presented with wide-open windows into evil. At those times, a mass of people who have not seen the evil–because of ignorance, deception, or a deliberate turning away–may finally be pressed to look while the window is wide-open and the evil is illuminated. The Planned Parenthood videos and the exposure given to the luring away and killing of Zimbabwe’s Cecil are two such windows. In each case, the evil goes deeper than the slice we see (55 million aborted in this country alone; 20,000 species nearing extinction). Those who wish to see evil pushed back need to use everything in their power–especially while the window is open–to push and push hard to expose what has been lying, lurking, and liquidating life in dark corners.

When will enough be enough?

The argument has been made that, if Planned Parenthood was defunded, poor young women wouldn’t have anywhere to go for low-cost care. I am not unsympathetic. I’ve spent a good bit of my life leading a number of ministries and non-profits charged with helping society’s at-risk, homeless, and marginalized individuals and families. As a friend, as a pastor, I’ve engaged in many conversations with women who were considering abortion or who were dealing with the aftermath of abortion. I am disappointed by our government’s failure to defund Planned Parenthood. I don’t want my tax dollars supporting an organization that was founded by a eugenicist who was determined to eliminate groups of people whom (because of their race or disability) she deemed “unfit” for the human family. And I certainly don’t want to support the conscience-seared monsters in today’s Planned Parenthood (and other abortion mills) who can callously tear the pre-born (who are well into their development) limb from limb and then sift through what remains for spare parts. This country has killed 55 million of its own children. When will enough be enough? I’d rather see tax dollars supporting new, smarter initiatives aimed at addressing the societal ills that eventuate in unwanted pregnancies. I’d also rather see tax dollars going to support clinics in every city that are NOT currently receiving government funding but who provide the kind of low-cost real health care for women that they need and that PP falsely promises to deliver (as such services are only a miniscule part of what they offer).