Have a heart for wildlife? Love the world’s wild places? Then Wild Life! Wild Places! is the show for you.

The promotional page for my new radio show has this: “Host Donna Hailson will inform and inspire you in your efforts to conserve and preserve. Donna is a multi-award-winning author, educator, nature guide, photographer, and blogger, who has been on the road since 2010. Along the way her companions have been park rangers; wildlife biologists; dark sky protectors; eco-tourism professionals; authors; photographers and other artists; journalists; animal control officers; leaders of wildlife foundations; veterinarians; animal curators in wildlife sanctuaries, rehabilitation centers, and zoos; and other conservationists who are devoting their lives to the protection and preservation of the world’s wild creatures and wild spaces.

“Donna brings this knowledge base alongside a heart eager to see wiser stewardship of the Earth. She hopes this program will educate and motivate others toward a more passionate engagement in practical conservation efforts wherever they are undertaken. Each show opens with a feature story on wildlife and/or a wild place and ends with Nature News. Both segments are centered on current and creative efforts being expended towards preserving, conserving, and advocating for wildlife and wild habitats in national parks, wilderness settings, sanctuaries, and other naturescapes around the world.”

This is the second series I have hosted on PLR, the other being On the Road with Mac and Molly, a page for which you’ll also find on this site. Pet Life Radio is the #1 pet podcast network featuring weekly 30-minute talk shows hosted by the most respected experts, authors and radio and TV personalities in the world of animals and pets. With more than seven million monthly listeners, Pet Life Radio offers free podcasts and downloads via its website and free podcasts through iHeartRadio, TuneInRadio, Stitcher and many other apps.

Here’s a link to episodes of Wild Life! Wild Places! :