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Hearts of Stone Out of Touch on the Question of Human Life

I cannot begin to fathom how the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Bill once again failed to pass in the Senate! No one can look at a sonogram image and deny the presence of a life, a human life, a unique and separate being. Only an individual with a seared conscience and a heart of stone… Continue reading Hearts of Stone Out of Touch on the Question of Human Life


Ben Carson, the Media, and Word Pretzeling

Some media outlets and some of my friends on Facebook have been in an uproar over comments made by Ben Carson at a Monday meeting with Housing and Urban Development employees. They have expressed outrage over Dr. Carson’s use of the word “immigrant” to refer to slaves brought, in cargo holds, to the United States. “There were other immigrants who came here… Continue reading Ben Carson, the Media, and Word Pretzeling

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I’ve Finally Started Tweeting

I’ve finally opened a Twitter account. I’ve begun posting there on Christian spirituality, wildlife, wild places, art, travel, photography, companion animals, poetry, literature, soundscapes, habitats, books, writing, politics, social issues and… You’ll find me under D.F.G. Hailson. I hope you’ll look for me and will connect with me there. Of course, I’ll still be blogging… Continue reading I’ve Finally Started Tweeting