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Books To Feed Your Mind and Spirit

I am often asked for recommendations of devotional materials. Topping my list is Devotional Classics. (I’ve mentioned DC elsewhere on this site but want to reemphasize it and a couple of others today).  I’ve used this book in my seminary and church-based classes on spiritual formation and development in the disciplines of the faith. I have… Continue reading Books To Feed Your Mind and Spirit

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Good Friday

Mark 15:16-32 When you see the nails piercing through Christ’s hands, believe surely that it is your work. When you see His crown of thorns, believe that it is your evil thoughts.—Martin Luther (1483-1546), leader of the Reformation in Germany The spectacle of the crucifixion of Jesus was hideous. No language can express how awful… Continue reading Good Friday

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From Acclamation to Crucifixion

Mark 11:1-11 and Matthew 27:45-61 Today is known by Christians as either Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday, the day on which we recall Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem but also the day on which we recount the sufferings of our Lord Jesus in the week that followed that triumphal entry. Three of the greatest lessons… Continue reading From Acclamation to Crucifixion