The Stuntman and the Service Wolf: Gary “Montana” Robert and Sage

Gary “Montana” Robert is a multi-award-winning stuntman and stunt coordinator who has worked on more than 700 TV shows and films from CHiPs and The Dukes of Hazzard to Forrest Gump, Platoon, Underworld, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and Fast and Furious.

Gary began his career when he was just a teenager and some of his early assignments had him doubling for actors like Robert Urich and Erik Estrada. Gary’s been set on fire. He’s been struck by moving vehicles. He’s flipped cars and jumped over other vehicles while on a motorcycle. Gary has engaged in barroom brawls. He’s jumped out of multi-story buildings and, for many years, held the high-fall record.

Gary "Montana" Robert with his service wolf, Sage.
Gary “Montana” Robert with his service wolf, Sage.

Gary is a three-time International Stunt Society Award winner and has been recognized with many other stunt driving and stunt coordinator awards. He has trained others in his own studio and the list of Hollywood stars he’s prepped for stunts on screen reads like a who’s who of the film industry. That list of A-listers includes: Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Vin Diesel, Megan Fox, Jack Black and Charlie Sheen.

In a career spanning 35 years, Gary has broken nearly every bone in his body and he’s suffered more than one concussion. The end result of working so long in the profession he so loves is seizures. But now, a special friend—who came into Gary’s life when he was just a pup—provides ample warning when a seizure is about to hit. That friend is a beautiful, blue-eyed Alaskan timber wolf, named Sage, who is not only a trained service wolf but also a wolf actor and model.

In Episode 35 of On the Road with Mac and Molly, I chat with Gary “Montana” Robert about life in stunt work and life with his dearly loved service wolf, Sage.


3 thoughts on “The Stuntman and the Service Wolf: Gary “Montana” Robert and Sage

  1. Had the opportunity to meet Montana and Sage this weekend, on a trip to the Grand Canyon. It was a wonderful treat to sit and talk with Montana, not to mention, witness the beauty of Sage. Wonderfully nice individual!

  2. Talk to a biologist, there are no blue eyes wolves. Wolves do not carry that gene at all. Wolves can not legally be a service dog. His dog can because it is just a dog. If you look at that and think it’s a full blooded wolf you either have never seen a wolf before, or are delusional.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share a comment. The following is what I’ve been told by Gary Robert and those connected to him. Sage was born in Alaska to two full blooded wolves in a wolf sanctuary. A full blooded wolf, Sage came into the world with kidney and liver disease. He is quarantined twice a year at a wildlife center for observation over a 72-hour hold period. More than 20 years ago, Gary obtained a proper wildlife handling license and permits as it is illegal to have such an animal in one’s possession without them. You are correct in your assertion that the eyes of healthy pups may begin blue but do change within a few weeks of birth. Green or grey eyes may appear to be blue and it’s also my understanding that albinos, although ordinarily pink- or red-eyed, may also have blue eyes.

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